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Quote Caringheart Replybullet Posted: 27 June 2014 at 3:23pm
Originally posted by islamispeace


why do you speak against Islam

Greetings islamispeace,

I had not planned to reply to this post, but it seems that it is necessary.

I don't 'speak against islam'... I attempt to ask questions about islam... uncomfortable questions that I can find no one to deal with.

 Why do you refer to sources like Robert Spencer? 

I referred to a source of Robert Spencer, because it happened to be something I was reading and I was wondering what the muslim response might be. 

If you don't "insist [that] someone live according to [your] beliefs", then why did you say "may you one day believe"? 

Because I hope that you one day will see and believe, but I certainly wouldn't insist upon it.  If you choose not to, and you go to hell... well that is your choice.  It is my hope however, that few will go to hell.

  I have already explained why I believe in Islam

You haven't said anything about Islam... why it speaks to you as true.  You have only stated that you are convinced of it... but with no reason why.  All you seem able to say is how you don't believe in what Christianity teaches, as if that somehow makes Islam correct.

Yes, please do start a thread elaborating the reasons you believe in islam.

I did actually show where I think the Bible clearly speaks of a Trinity.  You don't accept it, but that's ok.  Your choice.

Oh, sorry...was I mocking again?  Darn it! I have to cut that out! 

Yes, you really do have to cut that out, because it really does not show you, or your faith, in a very good light.  I pray it does not show the only side of you, but only your frustration at being asked difficult questions.

I am all ears as to the "plenty of evidence to refute these statements..." 

I gave two links in my first post, and one in this most recent post.  Did you bother with either one of them?

I'll check it out when I have more time.  Regardless, the contradictions in the Bible remain and you have yet to explain why you feel they are not contradictions.  Like I said, I am all ears.

Asalaam, good, if you are all ears, here is what I have to say...
I say they are not important.  Any slight discrepancies do not affect the overall message of Yshwe.  They do not change the fact that the message found in the Biblical scriptures is good.

Originally posted by Caringheart

I actually take the time to look at any information regarding islam and Muhammad when it is presented to me.

Sure, sure.  I suppose all the inaccurate statements you make are the result of all the "time" you take to "look at any information" about Islam.  Ouch

They are the conclusions I have reached so far, but you will notice that I continue to study, and try to discuss.  You are free to continue to present me with evidence you think might change my mind.  I would like that thread elaborating why you do believe in Islam.  Just be forewarned that I am likely to challenge you.


Edited by Caringheart - 27 June 2014 at 3:32pm
Let us seek Truth together
Blessed be God forever
"I believe in Jesus as I believe in the sun... not because I see it, but because by it, I see everything else.: - C.S.Lewis
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