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Interfaith Dialogue
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Quote Nur_Ilahi Replybullet Posted: 14 February 2013 at 4:23pm
Originally posted by Caringheart

Greetings Nur_Ilahi,Yes, that is our belief, but I am addressing mythology from which all religion stems.If you look back into, and study, history you will find that in the days of polytheism, everyone had their own god which they thought defended and fought for them. When they won in battles it was because their 'god' was stronger, better. Having many gods only made it easier for everyone to fight with one another, always believing that their god was going to make them the victor. Having one God would help to diminish fighting.Salaam,

Exactly what happened before Prophet Muhammad was born in Makkah. There were thousands of idols decorating in the Kaabah. In the end, victory goes to The One and Only God Allah Al-Khaliq - The Creator - Rabbul Alameen- God of the whole universe.
Ilahi Anta Maksudi, Wa Redhaka Mathlubi - Oh Allah, You are my destination, Your Pleasure is my Intention.
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Quote Caringheart Replybullet Posted: 16 March 2013 at 3:59pm
al-lah - meaning 'the god' - was the moon god, who married the sun god, and produced 3 daughters
is this why they say that allah has no Son?

adoration of the celestial cow - Egyptian myth
surah of the qur'an - 'the cow'

Hindu - vedas - the sacred texts
the sacred Hindu texts cover every aspect of life
they were transmitted orally and were know as shruti, which means hearing
both the content and the sounds of the words are considered sacred
Hindus' often recite verses from these texts during their daily meditations
they are written in this powerful and mystical language called sanskrit
sanskrita means refined, polished, well wrought, perfected...  that's why they are considered to have special power within them
it was an oral tradition therefore they were not put down in writing, they believe that writing it takes away the power of the sound
it is said that if you resonated with the vedas in sanskrit, you resonated with your deepest self and with the world around you.

"set thy heart upon thy work, but never upon its reward" is a teaching of Hindu

Krishna is believed to be able to assume human form... to form personal relationships with people who are liberated through grace
Krishna... Christ...
see the similarity?

Hindu - this world is the body of God, and we are all the body of God
Sound like Christian teaching?  We are all one body... the body of the church...

Buddhism -
Buddha born while mother standing under a tree
familiar story?

Buddhist teaching is very similar to what is read in Ecclesiastes in the Bible.

similarities of ten commandments to Buddhism
the five precepts
- not to take or destroy life
       thou shalt not kill
- not to steal
- to avoid sexual misconduct
- to abstain from false speech
       thou shalt not bear false witness
- abstain from alcohol and all drugs that cloud the mind

Edited by Caringheart - 17 March 2013 at 12:54pm
Let us seek Truth together
Blessed be God forever
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Quote Rational Replybullet Posted: 17 March 2013 at 2:36pm
Originally posted by Caringheart

al-lah - meaning 'the god'

Hey uhh... care to tell us what language this is???

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