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Quote Friendship Replybullet Posted: 04 December 2012 at 7:49am
Assalamu alaika Matt Browne.

I am remembering my early 60's lessons about the history of Europe- Vikins, Vandals and Barbarians. I think the Vandals were from Germany. I said: I read that from a book and I think the teacher was Mr. Jones. If whatever one claims about Muhammad borrowing what is in the Qur'an we want know the name of that tutor and the reference with the time, year, date and place.
It should be understood that Muhammad was a servant of Allah and Gabriel confirmed to him that he does not come with a message to him but with the Command of Allah. Secondly, the witness of the message were challenged to produce a verse (meter, prose, stitch and semi-stitch) of its kind. So far the Arabs could not do that. I think it is unfair to accuse Muhammad of anything regarding the Qur'an in the manner it is unfair for any Muslim to accuse me of telling him to wash his hands before eating, to get married, to be kind to his wife, never to tell lies and deceive etc. I think this forum should better accuse God/Allah than Muhammad. The components of Airbus A380 manufactured  is Germany cannot be claimed to be from France or so. You claim Germany to be the most advanced country in Europe. Some Euro members are accusing Germany of their woes. Let us stop at that on the relationship between Allah the creator of the Universe and Muhammad Rasulullah. Do you know that Muhammad could have been a disbeliever if he refused to obey Allah? So why accuse him of obedience? I do not accuse you of being a Christian for without you, I will never understand Muhammad's teaching. So you mjust be a Christian.
Muhammad's life was built on pluralism both at Madina and Makka. He respected and gave all equal rights, but maintained that as a leader anyone taking arms against one another must be sanctioned by him. Madina must be protected by all its inhabitants and all must contribute to that.  Injustice is common to all and no criminal should be protected. Now imagine this! He never forced anyone to do what he cannot do. He made agreement the yardstick of his teaching.
What I am trying to invite mankind as a follower of Muhammad is that which is common to all, to our exclusion. I am not calling to make the 30,000 denominations less then that nor I am expected to say anything about Protestants. Ideally, no follower of Muhammad is expected to say something on Christianity except the negation of Allah that Jesus cannot be his son. We have been wasting time and energy on this forum discussing on Christianity. This is because you Christians like it and have no code of conduct on what to do if you are asked about something explained by Allah. As, I said, I like the Jews because they control their mouth. I could very well remember over dinner a Jew asking a Reverend Mother to keep quiet and that she has nothing to contribute on our discussions.
If you Christians have anything against the followers of Muhammad, it is because you associate with those who do not know about him claiming to know and believe in him. Birds of the same feathers of course!
Regarding the peaceful co-existence of the Christians, history has proved to be not so. In the early days of this forum, a Scottish told me that in the 17th C. the protestants migrated to USA and their failure to establish anything on humanity made Christianity silent. I will repeat again at your disbelief- the only difference between what Jesus son of Maryam taught and what Muhammad  was told by Allah is the question of sons-ship. So, a true believer will always ask all to contribute in making the world a sound place for all to live. This excludes making Christianity to become one denomination but necessities the abolishing of Shi'ism, Sunnism, Wahhabism etc to living under only one name_ Islam.
Note that what is common to his followers was never forced on them.
He never forced it on all his followers to pray at the same time with him, but that they should pray within the stipulated time of that prayer.
We must distinguish between worshiping using limbs and worshiping outside that.


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