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Quote SteppeNomad Replybullet Posted: 21 April 2010 at 6:44am
Salam Abdel
A few points if it helps, since the lady before me has answered most of them, regarding that you didnt get an answer to why Muslims believe in Islam.

Everyones experience is different, to why they come to religion, some people base their faith on the scientific miracles of the Quran, where as others to Moral side of it etc, but at the root we all beleive theirs no God But Allah and Muhammed s.a.w is his Messenger, i dont know what other faith can be more simple then this. And why those it matter, because faith is an "individual" thing, we all have different aspects of Islam that we love, even during reckoning, different people will be sent to heaven for different reasons, some for fasting, some for being patient, some for praying, educating others etc.


And regarding your point of being brought up into a Chinese or lets say a Buddhist family, obviously your inclinations will be more biased to that faith, but at the end of it, faith is not something the society you are brought up in determine, one can go to pray in church or mosque because everyone else closes their shops, but might not have "faith" if you know what i mean.


Also, about understanding Arabic to understand the Quran, i think, we have been blessed with a translations now, but over the 100s of years, people were without these, and the man in China did rely on his Chinese Imam to "translate" the religion for him in regards to maybe deeper issues.


When the early Muslims spread across the world, they did not stuff Arabic texts into the non Arabs faces, it was through their actions that many accepted Islam.


Obvoiusly, we are told to read the Quran in Arabic because it is the word of god and thier is benefit in doing so, we are not told to read other Arabic books to be a better Muslim or unlike some people like to beg and think, it is not a "condition" to learn Arabic, understanding Islam as a whole would not be through such. Otherwise all the Non Arab Muslims are condemned to hell lol.


But if you pick up any medical, maths, philisphy book, will only fool yourself if you think you understand the subject without any "background" in the technical words used in whatever contexts, wont try to should like a smart ass here but yeah, hope you understand.


I dont think you should let Polarize religion in such way and make it difficult for yourself.


Edited by SteppeNomad - 21 April 2010 at 7:08am
Ya Allah, Bismillah, AllahuAkbar.
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Quote Gibbs Replybullet Posted: 25 April 2010 at 1:21pm
I have to push Steppe's point in saying that everyone experience is different and in that you cannot generalize a singularity because of what you think Islam is suppose to bring. Islam is like any religion in my opinion, Islam promotes God and the positive ethics that it brings. Christianity and Buddhism is the same way any religion that promotes positively is good.
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Quote Angel Replybullet Posted: 08 May 2010 at 6:38am
Originally posted by abdelhamidem

What I'm looking for is a universal reason to be muslim.
I came to a muslim forum to ask other muslims why they are muslims. I didn't find the answer myself, even though I tried really hard...
Hi there, I am not muslim but I do have something to mention. what you said just above, there is nothing wrong in that in itself but the problem you are having is that you are looking on the outside, outside of yourself for answers, the truth, but it comes from within. If something resonates with you then that is some thing of a truth for you.
You're asking fellow muslims why they are muslims so you have a reason to be muslim, and that is not wrong, we all ask how it is for others, their experiences, this helps us also its part of soul searching.
Many people go from religion to religion to find the truth they go searching here and there and make up many miles of travel only to get back home to find the answer/s.
If you are going to be muslim (or some other believer in something else) then its got to be from you. Not from your parents or friends / peers or tradition but from you.
The root of the issue is that I realised that I had no really good reason to be muslim. Islam is just a set of rules, stories, etc... that have nothing special from my point of view. Good rules, yes. Wise stories, yes. But nothing extraordinary. Nothing a wise/smart group of men couldn't write.

What do you mean? If I believe it comes from God? No, I don't believe the Quran comes from God... nor can I prove it doesnt come from God. Why do YOU think the Quran comes from God?
I do believe in God, and I don't doubt his intentions and methods are good... It's just that I don't know what they are. WHAT is God expecting from me? Be muslim because my parents are? Rely on my feelings? I refuse to do so, because it's just not right, not honest, and not smart. 

I have no real alternative. If I don't find a suitable answer to my question, I'll just be "gnostic", believing in God but in no religion at all.
I shouldn't need good or bad sources. My question is simple: why should I be muslim? My source is the internet, I'm posting my question all over.
all this speaks to me of you being a non muslim, especially if you do not believe in the qur'an coming from God.
What you need to do is find something that resonates with you be it islam or some other religion or belief.
Use your head, reasoning, and also your feelings, you cannot leave out feelings you have feel some thing.
Some times its good to just Be! and not be this or that, just yourself - being, and leave out other things just be who are and you will find your answers to who you want to be. 
~ Our feet are earthbound, but our hearts and our minds have wings ~
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Quote honeto Replybullet Posted: 14 May 2010 at 10:32pm
Originally posted by Gibbs

I have to push Steppe's point in saying that everyone experience is different and in that you cannot generalize a singularity because of what you think Islam is suppose to bring. Islam is like any religion in my opinion, Islam promotes God and the positive ethics that it brings. Christianity and Buddhism is the same way any religion that promotes positively is good.

Hi Gibbs,
I believe its more than that. Those of us that believe that we all came from one man,Adam, can easily relate to the fact that there was always One belief, One religion, One true way between man and God. This belief branched out by people as they multiplied, not just in numbers but in opinions as well giving birth to so many different ideas. But that original belief remains the original and true.
Yes, with few exceptions probably most beliefs today teach positively toward a better life, here and for the hereafter. But do they all lead us to that original and true belief Adam was given?
It is the matter of proving the claim.
For example, if we take three largest beliefs in the world on the most fundamental point they profess to preach, God as one, it will be easy to make some distinction.
Christianity for example preaches that God is One, but their practice does not stand by that claim. Hinduism, claims the same, preaches that there is only One God but its follower's practice stands as evidence against their very claim.
Islam is the only belief out of those three that preaches God to be One and its practices does not contradict that claim.
This is the simplest analogy I can give to help you understand that not everyone is right nor everything is alright.
Being a Muslim is nothing more than recognizing your purpose and position in relation to what surrounds you and your relationship with your maker who has given you some responsibilities and provided you with the tools to fulfill them. How you response to that responsibility will determine what you get. Nothing out of the ordinary to understand, right?

I would like to make a point on Buddhism, about which I know little. Is it not that in order to achieve a higher degree you aught to leave worldly things even your family? If we all wanted to do that, that will be end of it, right. In Islam, you can achieve the highest level, not by leaving your family or other worldly possessions but by simply and honestly playing the best and responsible role with what God has lawfully provided for you.


Edited by honeto - 14 May 2010 at 10:49pm
39:64 Proclaim: Is it some one other than God that you order me to worship, O you ignorant ones?"
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Quote Gibbs Replybullet Posted: 15 May 2010 at 4:55am

You are absolutely right. You know very little about religions outside your own. Buddhism if I can recall from listening to lectures, doesn't teach about leaving your family. It teaches about getting rid of "the thirst" that is the desire of life. This philosophy is comparable to Muslims being taught to not be so attached to this world but focus on the next. Basically its about not being materialistic.

As for Islam being the only religion that practices strict monotheism I disagree. What about Judaism and Sikhism? Or try Unitarianism? Of course I know about Adam and the sky wizard and the smokeless talking genie (I'm just kidding) as I received the same speech from in-laws.

My point is, is that a billion or so Muslims are Muslim because Islam is true to them. Having a large population doesn't make something necessarily true. Truth, or the presumption of truth comes from within.
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Matt Browne
Male Christian
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Quote Matt Browne Replybullet Posted: 16 May 2010 at 9:49am
We have to keep in mind that ‘spiritual truth’ should not be confused with mathematical or scientific truth (based on scientific method). Spiritual truth is based on human feelings and faith. We all know that language is full of ambiguity. This also applies to the word truth. Misunderstandings occur when different people communicate with each other using the same words but with different meanings.

A religion that's intolerant of other religions can't be the world's best religion --Abdel Samad
Great minds discuss ideas. Average minds discuss events. Small minds discuss people--Eleanor Roosevelt
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Quote Nur_Ilahi Replybullet Posted: 20 May 2010 at 10:23pm

What is a Muslim?

A Muslim is someone who submit to the will of Allah.

Who believes the Oneness of Allah the Creator of the whole Universe.

Who believes that Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah - a normal human being - a perfect example for humankind.

Who believes that Quran is the authentic word of Allah - sent down in the language of man.

Every creations in this whole universe is actually submitting to the will of Allah. From the minutest of the atom, to the movement of the earth in its orbit and all that you can see with your eyes - are all Muslims. We human kind were born Muslims - only the parents were the ones that brought the children as otherwise.
There could only be One God who created the whole universe. The same God that Muslims, Jews, Christians, Hindus or any other religion worship. Some worship Him directly, while others worship thru a creation of The Creator. Some - like the Muslims - have a clear concept of God as stated in the Quran - while some have a blurr or twisted image of God. Astaghfirullah.
God or Allah in His Mercy, had sent down the last Prophet - the best Creation of The Creator - as the best example of a human being - for us to emulate him - a leader that shows the right way to Him. No one in this world could ever be compared to Muhammad Salallahualaihiwassalam. No one.
The Quran is the only authentic scripture still around without any corruptions from mankind unlike other scriptures. A source of knowledge not only for this world, but most importantly in the next. The same Scripture read by Muslims in the North, South, East, West or any other part of the world, in the same one language chosen by God Almighty.
Islam is the natural religion - Adeenul Haqq. Islam is not only a religion, but a way of life.
We live in the same earth, the same planet, the same universe.
Breathing in the same air, drinking the same water, eating the same source of food, standing on the same earth.
Living in this world, you or none of us have a choice but to believe in the One and Only God - Allah Subhanahuwataala.
Ilahi Anta Maksudi, Wa Redhaka Mathlubi - Oh Allah, You are my destination, Your Pleasure is my Intention.
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Darth Ultor
Male Judaism

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Quote Darth Ultor Replybullet Posted: 21 May 2010 at 3:51am
I find that hard to believe that there is only one true path to God. I agree that "Islam" in the most literal sense of the word is the best path, but once you get into some finer details, I disagree. Like if a person of the book is given the true message of Islam, and doesn't say, "La ilaha illa'Allah, Muhammad rasul Allah." will go to Hell. I think God accepts everyone into Heaven or punishes them based on their faith and most of all, their actions.
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