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Islam for non-Muslims
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Female Islam

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Quote wisdomseeker Replybullet Posted: 18 November 2009 at 4:58am
Hello Searcher,

Firstly I would like to congratulate you for your efforts in understanding religions, islam and christianity comparitively. But I would like to add here that to understand a religion better, you need to read it through its own sources, to understand christianity for example, you cannot ask a budhist to explain you about the bible, for Islam too, you need to read from the muslim sources, books written by the muslims and even translations of the quran by a muslim, because though it is just a translation, still those who want to divert searching minds like you from the truth,...they, in their translations, choose such words that apply the least in the context. But you can always, after reading things through islamic sources, go back to non-islamic ones to see and analyze for yourself if they were doing justice to islam and muslims.

Coming to your question about killing and the verses you posted, let us do one by one:

1)The verse you quoted, 2:191 is this:

2:191 And slay them wherever you may come upon them, and drive them away from wherever they drove you away - for oppression is even worse than killing. And fight not against them near the Inviolable House of Worship unless they fight against you there first; but if they fight against you, slay them: such shall be the recompense of those who deny the truth.

To read only this verse and form a conclusion would be unfair, the verse preceding needs to be brought into the picture as well, it is:

2:190 And Fight in God's cause against those who wage war against you, but do not commit aggression-for, verily, God does not love aggressors.

Here Allah is speaking to fight against a people "who wage war against you", this applies only at a time when the war is in progression, or in cases when you are confronted by people who had previously oppressed you, for Allah very clearly states that oppression is worse than killing.

2)The second verse that you quote must again be read along with the two preceding verses, which are:

9:3 And a proclamation from God and His Apostle [is herewith made] unto all mankind on this day of the Greatest Pilgrimage: "God disavows all who ascribe divinity to aught beside Him, and [so does] His Apostle. Hence, if you repent, it shall be for your own good; and if you turn away, then know that you can never elude God!" And unto those who are bent on denying the truth give thou [O Prophet] the tiding of grievous chastisement.

9:4 But excepted shall be -from among those who ascribe divinity to aught beside God - [people] with whom you [O believers] have made a covenant and who thereafter have in no wise failed to fulfil their obligations towards you, and neither have aided anyone against you: observe, then, your covenant with them until the end of the term agreed with them. Verily, God loves those who are conscious of Him.

9:5 And so, when the sacred months are over, slay those who ascribe divinity to aught beside God wherever you may come upon them, and take them captive, and besiege them, and lie in wait for them at every conceivable place ! Yet if they repent, and take to prayer, and render the purifying dues, let them go their way: for, behold, God is much forgiving, a dispenser of grace.

You can very well see here that Allah is speaking about a people who have broken their treaty, note the words "But excepted shall be", here it shows that if they stick to the treaty they had made with the muslims, leave them, otherwise if they cheated you, back-stabbed you, then fight them.

3)As for your third verse, I would say, read a reliable muslim's translation of the Quran, just the choice of words effects the meaning and interpretation as well. The said verse is this:

9:123 O you who have attained to faith! Fight against those deniers of the truth who are near you, and let them find you adamant ; and know that .God is with those who are conscious of Him.

We need to observe the usage of the words, "near you", this means physically near, those who have come "near",(from a far off land or from the same land) with an intention to harm or kill.It is against them, that is Allah is sanctioning killing, naturally if someone has come with an intention to kill, you would not offer yourself to get killed, you would do something to defend yourself, right?

And moreover the words,"let them find you adamant","let them find you firm","let them find firmness in you", are wrongly translated as "treat them harshly".
What is meant here is that, in ethical terms, let them find you firm, that is uncompromising ethically.

Other verses speaking of allowable situations of war are, 60:8-9, in addition to the above ones. Islam allows one to fight in one's self defence, which I do not think any logical person will object to.

Hope you find my answer helpful, but do keep in mind never read a solitary verse, read it in context, and follow a reliable muslim translation for this.

May Allah guide us all to the right path, surely Allah guides those whom He wills.
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Akhe Abdullah
Male Islam
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Senior  Member

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Quote Akhe Abdullah Replybullet Posted: 19 November 2009 at 10:02am
Salams Wisdomseeker

My Allah reward you for your efforts.
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Female Islam

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Quote wisdomseeker Replybullet Posted: 20 November 2009 at 2:51am
Assalamu alaikum brother abdullah,

Ameen and jazakallahu khair for your dua, and may allah guide us to the right path and surely allah guides whom He wills.
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Yusuf Arief
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Joined: 01 December 2009
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Quote Yusuf Arief Replybullet Posted: 02 December 2009 at 8:16pm
this is a very informative thread for both none Muslim and Muslim alike.
As a convert to Islam, my understanding of what Islam stands for is that it stands for peace and enlightenment and above all acceptance.
I find that many people, both inside and outside Islam misunderstand the concept of Jehad, and this word is used all to often to throw Islam into a bad light.
To my understanding, the only Jehad that should be taking place today is the personal fight within ones self, by this i mean that we all struggle to find reason and understanding with our respective beliefs, and we fight daily within ourselves to find the right path so that when we die, we find love and admittance to heaven from our God, for us this would be Allah.
All to often today, the press have basically hounded Islam and used the word Jehad as a banner to promote bad feeling towards Islam.
one thing is for sure, and its a fact that needs stating very clearly, Islam is not about terrorism, and as far as my simple understanding goes, no religion actually promotes such a thing. According to Islam, we are supposed to teach, and show others the beauty of living the Islamic way, we are to lead by example, and this is very much the same for the three religions that follow the one God who we call Allah.
The problem we all face today is not from our religious beliefs, but it is from fellow mankind, so many times I hear in the news about religious backed terrorism, but this is actually not the case, according to our beliefs as Muslim's, we are taught that Allah gave instruction to mankind progressively through history, first to the Jewish faith, and then to the Nazrani, who later became Christians, and then finally to the Muslims, we all share the same prophets, there is indeed very little difference between us, and as such we all have a bad side that we wish we did not have, so what i would like to wish for and to pray for is that people do not give weight to this modern day concept of religious backed terrorism, Life is a gift from God, Allah breathed life into us all regardless of what race or religion we are, and as such life of another person is not for a truly religious person to take, regardless of their wrong doings to us,
Terrorists are bad people, pure and simple, they are without God or religion and we all need to stop buying into this frenzy created by an industry that thrives on mis-information and the promotion of hatred.
Im sorry if my post upsets some people, it is not intended to do so, but the sooner we stop accrediting these bad people to one religion or another, the better.
Peace be upon you all, and even better, enlightenment and understanding.
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Guest Group
Guest Group

Joined: 10 March 2011
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Quote IssaEl999 Replybullet Posted: 19 March 2011 at 12:31pm
Originally posted by Andrea

Dear Friends,

As a Catholic I believe it is my duty to uphold and defend the dignity of my fellow Muslim brothers and sisters.  I hate to see any racial/religious attacks against Islam and it angers me to see ignorant people talk ill about Islam.

So I come to you and ask for your help.  If I were to say Islam is a religion of peace....  what else can I say?

What is Islam about?  What does it stand for? 

What would you say if you saw an ignorant attack on your beautiful faith?


Some Muslims will say , It is the Submission to the will of their God , Allah . However , The word Islaam is taken from the 5th name of their God , Allah , As Salaam meaning The Peace , '' Taken from The Ashuric / Syriac Arabic root word '' Salama , Meaning '' To Have , To Be Peaceful ''; Which Euro-Arab and Muslims greeting '' As Salaamu 'Alaykum , '' Meaning '' Peace Be Upon You , Come from , The word Salaam was derived from The Aramic / Hebrew word Shalom , Meaning '' Peace . ''

The word Muslim is derived from The Ashuric / Syriac Arabic word Salama meaning '' One Who Is Of Peace ,
The Noble's Koran confirms it when it calls Jesus the word of God - Kalim Allah ) ( The Noble's Koran Chapters 3 ; 45 , 4 ; 171 ) and the Spirit or the Soul of God - Al Ruwh Allah )
( Koran 2 ; 87 , 2 ; 253 , 5 ; 110 , 4 ; 171 , 21 ; 91 ) , It has a whole chapter , the Nineteeth Chapter , dedicated to the Blessed Mother Miriam , Maryam , Mary called Maryam .

It speaks about the '' immaculate conception '' and how Yashu'a , Isa , Jesus was blessed in this world and in the one to come ( The Noble's Koran 3 ; 46 ) . When you strip away all of the customs , traditions and tenets of Islam , you will be left standing there with Christianity . But the name Christian must go . So Islam is the true religion of peace of Jesus .

This book that Muhammad received from the Angelic Being Gabriel the Holy Spirit Comforter was called Al Qur'aan ( The Noble's Koran ) . The word Qur'aan means to literally '' Read ' and in The Noble's Koran Chapter 96 . the Angelic Being Gabriel asked Muhammad to do just that '' Read ' Yet the Muslims claim that Muhammad could not read .

The Noble's Koran Chapter 96 ( with Arabic inserts )
Read < iq-raa > in the name < bis -mee > of your Lord < rab -be - ka > who < al - la d -he > created < kha - la -qa > , ''
Read in the name of your Lord who created ...
El's Holy Qur'aan , States In Chapter 17 ; 81 , '' And Say ; Truth Has ( Now ) Arrived , And Falsehood Perished ; For Falsehood Is ( By Its Nature ) Bound To Perish (81 ) .
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