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Joined: 03 February 2007
Location: Germany
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bullet Posted: 04 February 2007 at 3:52am

Moin boyd

(moin is the local "Guten Tag" in the North of Germany)

I`m a little bit afraid of such compairisons between Nazi regime and Bush administration (btw. sometimes also Iran administration is compared with nazi regime, and I do not like this comairison as well)

I dont like this, because there are fundamental differences, i.e. the difference that you can write this without the risk of going into prison or would be killed.

 I think what you can compare is the fundamental idea to create fear in the own country to push illegetim war, to create fear to try to isolate people. The absolutely ignorance of Bush administration may be also comparable, but if you look how the people in Germany were pushed into the hj or BDM, how a complete country was pushed to believe only one idea ... that`s not comparable any more.

 I would compare today`s situation a little bit more with George Orwells 1984, which might not make the situation better .. but I think it`s more correct.

 What I`m missing is a powerfull peace movement of Moslems, the only thing I can see in the moment is to try to solve problems with violance. Violance does not work ... looking back the last 100 years ...

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Joined: 27 July 2005
Location: United States
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bullet Posted: 04 February 2007 at 10:28am

I think everbody's religious beliefs screw up everything. If you took religion out of the mix, nobody would be trying to kill each other over what they think is right. Believe in yourself, damnit!

Personally, after 9/11, this Iraq war, and the "war on terrorism", I don't and can't put my faith in anything but myself. I make my own destiny, not God, not Bin Laden, nobody but me!

I live in the world. I work everyday for myself, and I survive. I'm not pampered  by serving in the military (where someone else feeds you, tells you when to take a crap and go to sleep), I do things for me that make me happy. I don't go around trying to force my religious views on people, I just live my life. If I wind up in hell, then so be it! - I'll have alot of friends there when I get there.

To Hell With Terrorism! (I don't believe in the "made up Hell that's in the fiction books, but rather an Island in the Cayman Islands)
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Joined: 25 July 2004
Location: United Kingdom
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bullet Posted: 04 February 2007 at 4:31pm

Also I think one have to understand that at least in countries with more or less free press and freedom of speach I think a NAZI regime would not be possible. So a discussion for western countries is, I think not usefull and does not explain, nor do it helps to solve problems.

Free Press? I thought the press, at least, in the U S comesd with quite a thick price tag!

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