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Quote Sign*Reader Replybullet Posted: 03 February 2008 at 12:49am
Originally posted by seekshidayath

Originally posted by Angela

Originally posted by Israfil

Why is this discussion about what men can have? We must take into consideration for the extermist on this site here that this choice (inter-marriage) is only for men.

The reason is simply the Quran.  The Quran is very specific.  Men can marry Christians and Jews, Women can only marry other Muslims.

The debate is if the permission for men is still in place.

I can kind of understand the prohibition from marrying a non-Muslim man.  As a Mormon, the husband is the spiritual head of the house and the priesthood holder.  In every active worthy Mormon household, the father blesses the children, prays over the house, teaches the Gospel and is in charge of seeing to it that the children are raised in the Gospel.

In a Muslim household, this would be very similar.  The Husband/Father prays at the head of the family, is an example to his children and in charge of teachings his children Quran and Sunnah.

If a Muslim woman were to marry a Non-Muslim man, then the spiritual head of the family is another faith. 

I personally wouldn't suggest interfaith marriage to either side.  75% of all interfaith marriages fail.  Mine almost did.  It wasn't until I became Mormon that we didn't fight about faith and children.  I wanted to raise them Orthodox and he wanted to raise them Mormon.  We had all sorts of issues that would have had to been addressed had I not eventually become Mormon.

A Muslim/Christian marriage would have to deal with the nature of Christ, the Prophethood of Muhammed, dress codes, prayers, even food.  How can one parent teach the child that Jesus is the Son of God and Savior and the other parent say that he is only a Prophet and saying he's the Son of God is an unforgivable sin? 

In the end, the law of the Quran is such that Muslim Men can take non-Muslim wives.  Muslim women cannot take non-Muslim husbands.  So any debate would be more about men than women.

Angela, you are completely out of my understanding. . You have answered excellently. Your understanding over this subject is just superb. Hope we learn from it. What do you say Br, Israfil?

I would like to add my two cents, this permission to marry women of AhleKitab is not feasible when rules of Sharia are not promulgated in the land! which is not the case in most of the world as we know. When that union falls apart then who decides about the children and other things?

 I have seen the sorry and miserable state of lot of my friends who married their girl friends under this clause, made babies got divorced when the party was over. The custody went to the mothers cuz of bias against Muslims and most kids grew up lost without religion or some confused notions! They turned up dope heads and alcoholics and an added burden to the society by making more babies with more of the same!

Not necessarily these were practicing Muslims to begin with but were very much keen to use the allowance!

If you would reverse Christian man marrying a woman with Muslim name things decidedly would turn even worse and I know a few of those cases of abhorrent misery!

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Quote seekshidayath Replybullet Posted: 03 February 2008 at 6:14am

Well said brother.

I would like to add my two cents, this permission to marry women of AhleKitab is not feasible when rules of Sharia are not promulgated in the land! which is not the case in most of the world as we know.

And also brother, when we observe few well-known instances, like that of Husni Mubarak and also ex-Prime minister of Indonesia. Though we have muslims in majority there in Indonesia, it affected the islamic admimistration then. Woman play a very important role and they do have affect over the lives.

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