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Quote tusuque Replybullet Posted: 22 March 2005 at 5:23pm

Protest - [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]


> rums/international/themiddleeast/index.html?offset=36053& ;fid=.f670adb/36053


For the Arafat indoctrinated Allah intoxicated, if you are incapable of producing babies, the next best thing is to slaughter Jews.


> rums/international/themiddleeast/index.html?offset=36538& ;fid=.f670adb/36538


Under only one condition Israel should withdraw from the territories. That is if after a single attack perpetrated by Pals, it was allowed to carpet bomb the whole territories.


> rums/international/themiddleeast/index.html?offset=35722& ;fid=.f670adb/35722


however in Israel, the 20% Arabs don’t see themselves as Israelis, they say they are Palestinian and don’t believe the state of Israel should exist.


> rums/international/themiddleeast/index.html?offset=28354& ;fid=.f670adb/28354


When Islam is correctly taught and followed there is war between Jews and Muslims.


The difference between you and I is that you are limited by your lack of understanding of both Judaism and Islam and think that theonly way to make peace is by trading Jewish land to Arabs.


When in fact this is exactly the opposite way to peace. My position is opposing every solution which involves the withdraw of Israel from Judea, Samaria and Gaza, and the creation of a so-called "Palestinian state". I think that a valid alternative to both Oslo and the Road Map is the one proposed by the Israeli Tourism Minister Benny Elon: annexation of Judea, Samaria and Gaza, while those Arabs who continue to live in those areas will be citizens of Jordan, administered by a local government.


> rums/international/themiddleeast/index.html?offset=1602& fid=.f670adb/1602


Maybe Israel needs to give them the same treatment that Jordan did when the pals tried their little games there...maybe 10-20k dead in weeks would make them consider peace. It wouldn't be my first choice of action but its getting to the point that there may not be other options soon. /international/themiddleeast/index.html?offset=36886&fid =.f670adb/36886


I can understand the diconfort of this Syrian and his displeasure. Really Lebanese are not nice people, they just don't understand that Syria was there for their own good. /international/themiddleeast/index.html?offset=2606&fid= .f670adb/2606


For this, unfortunately, a battle will be necessary, a battle where thousands of terrorists and their supporters will be eliminated and half of Gaza reduced to rubble. /international/themiddleeast/index.html?offset=37191&fid =.f670adb/37191


My Uri Avneri weekly comment pasting then affirmed that Halutz is in to manage Israel's future nuke strike against Iran not to mention my long posted view that my PM Sharon's turnaround to get Jewish Israeli friendlies out of the Gaza Strip is to place them out of direct harm's way of an Israeli retaliation strike against Hamas being an A bomb over Gaza City, wiping out that'Hamas' State. /international/themiddleeast/index.html?offset=5277&fid= .f670adb/5277


and why not - Israel is in struggle for her very survival and deserves the same perogatives as any state in similar circumstances...

Your suggestion of Arab disenfranchisement sounds reasonable to me! Every state reseves the right to martial law in times of war!

allow me to press my argument further: /international/themiddleeast/index.html?offset=37531&fid =.f670adb/37531


No, I don't accept George Mitchell as an "honest broker" (we don't need any brokers) - nor Dennis Ross or Martin Indyk, who are Jews carrying the water for the Gentiles, two guys who have advanced their careers by saying what the Gentiles want them to say - the antisemitic US State Dept. is full of them. These Jews disgust me more than a Gentile like Mitchell who is after all doing only what comes natural to him: persecuting Jews and denying Jewish rights in favor of Jew-killing Arabs (I'm sure his Lebanese background has nothing to do with his sentiments). /international/themiddleeast/index.html?offset=37535&fid =.f670adb/37535


Who wants Gaza, or parts of that land the Arabs have no name for and instead call by a directon "the West Bank".

You wish to live in a fenced in ghetto state, along the lines the Gentiles decide are appropriate for Jews, hoping to fend off the successive attacks by these Jew-hating Arabs. /international/themiddleeast/index.html?offset=37541&fid =.f670adb/37541


Anyone, Jew or Gentile, who insists that only by Israel giving up half of the tiny amount of Jewish land to Jew-killing Arabs does the chance of peace rest, is advocating anti-Jewish policies.

And to use as the basis for this anti-Jewish policy the idea that this will cause Arabs to become friends with Jews (after killing them since the year 2 of Islam), these are not so much anti-semites but morons.


The Arabs already have more then enough land, they do not have a right to one inch of Jewish land. But they cannot tolerate the idea of a former dhimmi people holding their heads high, and ruling themselves independently on land Arabs have come to think of as their own land, forgetting that they stole it from the original owners - the Jews. /international/themiddleeast/index.html?offset=37550&fid =.f670adb/37550


And their tactic of sending gangs of Arab youths on murderous raids leaving Jewish men, women and children as torn and mutilated corpses all over the land in order to pressure the world into further carving up Jewish land piecemeal as a strategy of one day getting it all, will only be successful if the Jewish people allow it, and collaborate in their own defeat and agree to handing over Jewish land to thiese murderers in the false hope that it will end the war.

If we hand over this land to Arabs, they will use it to mount a even more effective war against us.

Not only will it not bring peace, but it will encourage war. /international/themiddleeast/index.html?offset=37566&fid =.f670adb/37566

A much abbreviated view of US Secretaries of STate and ther anti-Jeish record

·  Cordell Hull slamming the US border shut to Jews hoping to escape Hitler's ovens.

·  James "f--- the Jews" Baker writing his doctoral thesis in 1950, a mere 5 years after HItler's ovens were turning Jewish bodies into ash, on why it was a mistake for the US to recognize Israel, he later does his best as SoS at truncating the Jewish state and undermining its security.

·  William P. Rogers, Cyrus Vance, Warren Christpher, all pursuing policies of appeasment to Arabs while undermining any Jewish claims to Jerusalem and Yesha. /international/themiddleeast/index.html?offset=37607&fid =.f670adb/37607


Yes. Jewish communities should grow and grow in all parts of the land so that Arabs cannot turn it into a terror landscape. Jews should establish villages in every area of Yesha making it impossible for there to be Arab terror state on Israel's border.

It is only thus that Israel will remain secure: when Israel shall sontrol all of the land from the River to the Sea and thus will be able to completely suffocate all Arab terror gangs. /international/themiddleeast/index.html?offset=37621&fid =.f670adb/37621


Believe me, I'm not crazy about giving up Gaza just like that, but
as a practical move, it's better to leave Gaza to the PA and let them blow each other up then to resist giving it up until the very last minute and have to give up most of the WB with it. Regardless of what the map looks like, the borders between Israel and the WB will be a lot harder to defend than the borders of Gaza. Gaza can be isolated, the WB can't. /international/themiddleeast/index.html?offset=37651&fid =.f670adb/37651


You have no experience with and do not understand Arabs.

Theirs is not a western culture and you cannot imagine how you would think and feel and substitute "Arab". This will lead you into reckless misunderstanding and wrongheaded policies towards Arabs who will interpret your well-meaning attitudes as foolish and weak and ripe for exploitation.

Don't get me wrong, there is much about Arab culture which I value and enjoy, but one aspect which will not change, and must be confronted with unrelenting resistance, is their xenophobic nature, especially regarding Jews, and overbearing ambition to control and dominate all ethnic and religious minorities.

Honor and shame are the driving emotions in this culture, and their honor will not allow peaceful co-existence with Jews as equals, a former dhimmi people, it would be a constant source of shame which can never be tolerated.

Israel must disengage, completely, but not based upon the truncated borders around the 1949 ceasefire (that never was) lines. Israel's borders must encompass all of the land west of the Jordan River.

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Joined: 13 March 2005
Location: United States
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Posts: 14
Quote tusuque Replybullet Posted: 27 March 2005 at 7:07pm /international/themiddleeast/index.html?offset=38371&fid =.f670adb/38371

In a genuinely "JEWISH State," how can an Arab be an equal when that State has an Independence Day celebrating his defeat. Its flag isn't that of its people. He isn't trusted to serve in the army. His cousin born in Haifa and fled during the 1948 War of Independence cannot return... yet any Jew who never lived there before is welcomed with open arms. In short, Israel is his enemy's country, not his. So how can an Arab truly be a loyal citizen in a Jewish State? Simply, they cannot... and they must go!


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