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Quote Duende Replybullet Posted: 27 December 2007 at 9:47am
Angela, Bhutto was not, contrary to your thinking, killed because she was
a woman trying to take a stand. That is a ridicuous thing to say and
shows you are reading events from your narrow Western prism i.e women
in Islam are repressed etc.

The news makes me very sad, as Martha pointed out, there was no need
to massacre so many people if the target was simply a political leader. By
murdering so many bystanders the act ensures reprisals and vengeance
from many different quarters. Bhutto knew she faced assassination
attempts, we could all see this coming, it was just a matter of time, and
this is what makes me sad: what a waste, what an idiotic way to go! As a
woman and a mother I can not understand the ego driving her to believe
herself so important for a country, that she has now been killed by her
own country.

But the title of a movie comes to mind: Death Becomes Her.

Although I am very saddened by her death, I held her in low esteem.
Washington's sponsorship of her was a death sentence, although she
must have believed their reassurances and perhaps promise of protection.
It was pretty clear where America's priorities lay when they cleared the
way for her and utterly ignored the plight of the previously legitimately
elected head of state who languished in exile: Nawaz Sharif. Look who
brought him home: King Saud. Revealing, eh? The genuine deposed
leader is left to figure out what to do, while the genuinely corrupt, exiled-
in-fear-of-jail, ex-leader is chaperoned with the West's blessings.

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Quote imp87 Replybullet Posted: 27 December 2007 at 9:53am


I disagree. I think there are countries in the Middle East where there are large portions of people who are more uneduated than people in other countries. If Religious studies are more dominant than obviously other subjects such as the sciences etc will lack, or will be grossly misinterpretated because of religious influence.


I was trying to generalize brother


Of course we are behind in a lot of areas. Unfortunately education is one of them.


Like I said I am not supporting her at all, if she died from heart disease I wouldn’t care, but my point is, was this necessary. I know revolutions, change, democracy or whatever you want to call these situations are not always brought or done peacefully, actually never. But if something is done wrong when bringing that change then we have no right to make excuses or try to justify it, how can this have anything to do with Islam.


Put Bhutto aside for a second, don’t these so called “fighters”, know they are killing Muslims, is suicide allowed, don’t they know killing Bhutto will lead to more deaths and chaos, are we allowed to cause more deaths and chaos.


Im sure and hope every ones answer is the same as mine.


Them murderers are responsible for the lifes they killed, how many of these people had children to feed, how do they know these people didn’t pray five times a day, so I to hope they rot in hell, but that’s Allahs decision not mine.……


Insallah I didn’t say anything Islamically wrong there.




Go to charges of corruption section and read:


Brother she was corrupt or not, maybe she was and a lot of people agree with that by the looks of it. But who do you purpose to lead then?


If we start doing this to everyone that is corrupt then sure thing a lot of heads would be flying off. If we could put them to trail, then do what ever you want to them, but not in this manner.


And no offence to anyone, if for some reason we are having corrupt individuals to lead us, then we are to some extend corrupt and responsible for that, are we not....



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Quote martha Replybullet Posted: 27 December 2007 at 10:14am

Well, Sharif has now decided to boycott the January general election. So what choices face the Pakistani people now?

Pakistan will remain one of the most dangerous places on earth. That is terribly sad.

I dont know about the rest of you, but I'm expecting more attrocities there. I'm sure  there is no denying that the CHristians will again be questioning the Islamic religion and how do we tell them that ours is a peaceful religion. Todays actions just adds more flames to the fire.

some of us are a lot like cement:- all mixed up and permanently set
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Quote Aminah07 Replybullet Posted: 27 December 2007 at 2:15pm


does anyone know how old her 3 children were? I hope they will be allowed to grieve without being bombarded by the media etc.

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Quote Sign*Reader Replybullet Posted: 27 December 2007 at 2:50pm
What a great & incisive Libran script on a complex situation where most are beating about the bush!
Your analysis is on the money absolutely.

IMHO she was one of the most conniving but foolish woman of our time. Then it was in her stars being a Gemini to be double faced and a classically greedy hypocrite.
Then she ignored the lessons of history of the subcontinent being a student of politics at her own peril!
She was supposed to remember the fate of Indra Gandhi. Indra ordered the destruction of Golden Temple but proved to a bonehead when she kept her Sikh security guards and met her end at their hands.
She goes on make public pronouncement for what she will do Usama and Mullah Omar when she will come in power and go around town without same security as of her sponsor Mush.
After Karachi blast she should have known better that her days were numbered unless she were kept  in the MRAP(mine resistant ambush protected now envisioned for Iraq cuz humvees are no good against IEDs)
The people living in glass houses shouldn't throw stones!
She forgot that there is 50 million bounty on Usama his 2IC & mullah but nobody has come forward to collect that in six years!
Just compare that with Saddam who wanted to be the modern Nebuchadnezzar and he lost his way!
And she was foolish enough to throw down the gauntlet.

There is war for the freedom of heartland of Islam that is occupied by the crusaders in disguise. She threw caution to the wind being a Shiit that she had a limited wiggle room in her rants in this war. She was towing the western line to such level of intensity that I haven't seen ever before.
The proof being the financial markets in the west took a nose dive and all the news channels had nothing but her coverage that what an important chessman on the board she was!

Duende: you mentioned King Saud-- the western  stooge, he lobbed the hot potato( Sharif) out cuz of media explosion. Whatever respect of that corrupt kingdom among the illiterate Paki masses was starting to go down fast ( I lost count of the number of editorials and columns in Pakistan press written against Saudis for their nefarious role in this game).
And Mush had let this fox(BB) in on US behest to guard the hen house that further exposed the saudis to end their kidnapping.

BTW it is the same spot where the first Prime Minister of  Pakiland Liaqat Ali was shot, now that is mind boggling!

So far going to hell or paradise it is all subject to  the intentions; we may easily analyze her agenda and the attacker's agenda it really doesn't matter! He was a nobody where she was some body!
In the killer game of political chess I would say a queen getting knocked over by a pawn 

Other possible scenarios a hit ordered by her  opponents who tried to kill her on her return from exile in Karachi i.e., MQM killers or Mush's political own political party etc. These political parties stood to loose most while her being around!
Remember she did ask for a thorough investigation but Mush's government practically didn't do much!


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Kismet Domino: Faith/Courage/Liberty/Abundance/Selfishness/Immorality/Apathy/Bondage or extinction.
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Quote Azaleah Replybullet Posted: 27 December 2007 at 7:59pm
Please dont prejudge her. Only Allah knows what each and
everyone of us do in our lifetime. She may appear a bad person
to one and a good person to others. Her family are in grief right
now, lets respect their feelings as anyone of us here wants to be
respected too.

She is dead now and no one can do anything anymore. Lets pray
that may Allah forgive all her sins and keep her soul. Thats the
least that we can do to our sister in Islam.


No one is perfect and on the Day of Judgment, we will all be judged according to our deeds...

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Quote Salams_wife Replybullet Posted: 27 December 2007 at 8:08pm
You make very good points Azaleah.  I don't think it is our job to judge her.  Only Allah knows what was in her heart.
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Quote mariyah Replybullet Posted: 27 December 2007 at 9:19pm
Asalaamu alaikum, this was in an email about this subject from I agree with sister Azaleah: this is for informational purposes. I did not know the lady and am not her judge.


For those of us who claim al-Islam as our way of life, and call ourselves Muslim, murder is unlawful, and an abomination in the eyes of our Creator.
By Ibrahim Abdil-Mu'id Ramey
MAS Freedom Civil and Human Rights Director


WASHINGTON, D.C. (MASNET) Dec. 27, 2007 - I am struggling to find words to express my grief and outrage after hearing the news of the murder of former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto earlier today in Pakistan.
Regardless of one's political sentiments, or support for any of the factions struggling for political supremacy in that nation, the killing of Mrs. Bhutto is a tragic blow to democratic rule in Pakistan.
And, make no mistake about it, while the identities of the culprits are not known at this time, one thing is a virtual certainty: they are Muslims.
Sadly, the phenomenon of Muslims killing other Muslims is not shocking news for a world drenched in sensational, mass violence; and the people of Pakistan are certainly no strangers to political intrigue or fratricide. But with Pakistan - the world's second most populous majority-Muslim nation - at the crossroads of political change, and with the promise of that change being electoral, and nonviolent - the consequences of this killing are both profound and immense.
Benazir Bhutto, to be sure, had both staunch supporters and vehement enemies, among them being Muslims who categorically rejected the idea of a woman possibly, once again, becoming the leader of their nation.
There were also numerous Pakistanis, of all ideological persuasions, who viewed Bhutto's previous terms of leadership with deep disfavor.
But the idea of political assassination as a legitimate expression of dissent is un- categorically haram.
For those of us who claim al-Islam as our way of life and call ourselves Muslim, murder is unlawful, and an abomination in the eyes of our Creator.
Now is not the time to deconstruct and interrogate the legacy of Benazir Bhutto's past terms as a Prime Minister of Pakistan. Nor should we speculate on who is responsible for her murder, or for the deaths of scores of her supporters in the suicide bombing and shooting that claimed her life.
We must recognize that the violent authoritarian and repressive government of Pakistan has created a climate of hostility and hatred that made the murder of Mrs. Bhutto not only likely, but perhaps inevitable.
The unconditional U.S. political support for the Musharraf dictatorship, coupled with massive American economic and military support, added fuel to the fire of extremism that ultimately claimed her life.
And now, as we offer our condolences to the family of Benazir Bhutto and the people of Pakistan, we must pray for an end to the cancer of violence that has affected our Ummah, as we diligently work for the restoration of peace and democratic values that are vital to our collective survival.

"Every good deed is charity whether you come to your brother's assistance or just greet him with a smile.
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