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Groups – Men (Brothers)
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Quote abuayisha Replybullet Posted: 10 August 2005 at 10:36pm
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Quote open Replybullet Posted: 11 August 2005 at 4:23pm


Assalaamu alaikum wa rahmatullah



Dear ZamanH,


I respect you brother, I feel for you and the circumstances that have led to you (and me for that matter) been in the position you (we) are. If I may add my – ‘two pence worth’ - of which I have ‘generalised’, so that a person may apply it to their own situation.



Oppression has many aspects; one of the consequences (of oppression) is that the oppressed are made to feel worthless by the oppressor’s; this process also has many aspects. Part of the oppressor’s intention is to create a type of negativity & hopelessness in those they oppress, which in turn often leads to misconduct (by the oppressed) due to the hopelessness of their situation.


If an oppressed person is unaware of how & why they feel bad, they may well blame it on their own selves (which may, or may not be the case), however this is exactly what the oppressor’s want, as it allows them to bask in a kind of glorified state, where the people they have oppressed (feel bad &) are forced to seek their countenance. This in turn strengthens a belief in the oppressor’s that they are better than (those whom seek their countenance) & that they are doing the right thing!


Of course forgiveness is sublime, and I have learnt from my Lord -Glorified is He – that we should be willing to forgive someone, as soon as he/she sincerely repents (and seek to amend their ways).


My Lord has blessed me, and you to ZamanH, so no need to feel bad or hold grudges, Allah will reward us for our good deeds - and I trust Him - even if I do admit to needing to learn more about what that trust entails.


May Allah have Mercy upon us, and Bless us all. 


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Quote mazallen Replybullet Posted: 16 August 2005 at 1:32am

As Salamu Alaikum,

I am new to this forum, and to Islam (I have yet to give shahada, but in my heart ....)  Regardless of polygamy (which is against the law in most U.S. States), isn't Islam abundantly clear about cheating on one's spouse: that a man has no business sleeping with someone who's not their wife (and vice versa)???


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Quote Israfil Replybullet Posted: 16 August 2005 at 5:50pm
True Mazallen in what you say but there is a difference when
one commences in adultry and one who is married to more
than one wife. If the latter is sanctified correctly through
marriaged and common agreement then the latter is
acceptable. As for the one prior its a transgression Islamically,
morally and ethically because its a type of transgression which
is not sanctified not justified in anyway Islamically. When one
cheats he/she does so with the intent to fulfill a type of desire.
As for the latter the typical non-Muslim response is that its
wrong or immoral but in Islam its only permissible for specific
reasons but from my understanding its suggested a man marry
one woman.
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Quote kim! Replybullet Posted: 19 August 2005 at 1:36am

-- Previous Private Message --
Sent by : ZamanH
Sent : 2005 18 August at 1:08am

Big wet, smoochy, WESTERN kisses to you!


Are you a whore???!!!!


Yes, ZamanH, I must be - I'm a Westerner. And you are ALWAYS right about everything, so I guess I really must be.




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Quote ZamanH Replybullet Posted: 19 August 2005 at 5:26am



Please take your smooches somewhere else. please get off me. I won't ____ even if you pay me. You are not even worth that.


And I see a ban coming. Now must search for some other website to go. I am also thinking of doing many things what I wanted to do here, but, couldn't do it here 


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