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February 25, 2018 | Jumada Al-Thani 10, 1439
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Garlic Sauce I Garlic Sauce I
Appetizer - Syria (180)
To be served with different plates .. Detail
Garlic Sauce II Garlic Sauce II
Appetizer - Syria (181)
Another way without using potato .. Detail
Arabic Cheese Pizza Arabic Cheese Pizza
Appetizer - Lebanon (152)
Quick & Easy .. Detail
Basic Bread Dough Basic Bread Dough
Appetizer - Syria (153)
To be used with other recipes .. Detail
Eggplant Appetizer (Baba Ghannuj) Eggplant Appetizer (Baba Ghannuj)
Appetizer - Syria (154)
Eat it with pitta bread, or as a dip. .. Detail
Open Faced Patties (Sfiha) Open Faced Patties (Sfiha)
Appetizer - Syria (155)
You can freeze it , and have it handy when needed .. Detail
Pepper Patties Pepper Patties
Appetizer - Syrian,Lebanon (156)
Suitable for parties .. Detail
Seasoned Flat Tart (Manaqish) Seasoned Flat Tart (Manaqish)
Appetizer - Syria (157)
Serve it with hot tea, for breakfast or dinner .. Detail
Spinach Triangle Pies Spinach Triangle Pies
Appetizer - Syria, Lebanon (158)
Suitable for parties .. Detail
Suzyfinas Suzyfinas
Appetizer - Lebanon (159)
Very easy to prepare .. Detail

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