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Assalamu Alaykum.

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We thank you in advance for your vehicle donation. Your donation will benefit Islamic Outreach Services, to continue and improve our collective mission of disseminating the Message of Islam to the humanity. Islamic Outreach Services is working in conjunction with IslamiCity to promote and enhance Islamic education and an objective view of Islam around the world and specifically in the USA where there are heightened tensions and misconceptions that have been created since the tragic events of September 11, 2001.

We may arguably be the largest online presence on Islam. Since 1995, we have served millions of people as a meaningful resource on Islam. By the grace of God and your prayers, we has received several awards and recognitions.

Considering the increasing thirst for objective Islamic information, much more effort is warranted. With your support by donating your car, you will partner in the struggle to continue the mission of Prophet Muhammad (peace & blessings be upon him).

Car donations are turned into much-needed funds to:

  • Expand Dawa Call Center.

  • Support new Muslims with much needed educational resources.

  • Facilitate new Muslims with Quran learning tools (click here to see projects).

  • Increase awareness by providing information, access to news and stories, and an interactive forum for Muslims and non-Muslims.

  • Develop more e-content on Islam for dawa.

Please make this year a time of hope and celebration as in “Dawa by Donations” and remember that it takes a team effort and together we can and will make a difference, InshaAllah.

Islamic Outreach Services Team


Quick Free Pick Up Nationwide - When you donate your car to IslamiCity, we arrange the pick-up irrespective of your location of home or office. Normally we arrange pick-up in 2 business day. If you are in rush we can do next day pick up (submit today before 12 PM, pick-up tomorrow), including weekend, please let us know.

Tax Deductible - You can claim $500 or the actual selling price - you will be provided with all the documentation and receipt for your tax records. For more info click here

No Paperwork Hassle - Avoid confusing Department of Motor Vehicles paperwork or Smog hassles - Just submit your auto donation application and we will take care of everything else.

For more information please click FAQ

Cars, Boats, Trucks, Vans, RVs, Trailers are welcome!


Islamic Outreach Services, A HADI Project, P. O. Box 4598, Culver City, CA 90231, U.S.A.
Tax ID# 95-4348674. All donations are tax-deductible.