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The Simple Car Donation Process

*Tax Deductable *Quick Free Pick-Up 
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Submit Online or Call 310-642-0006 x120

  1. You submit online or fax us (310-568-9533) your vehicle info.

  2. We will immediately contact our donation processing company.

  3. Our donation processing company will contact the towing service in your area.

  4. It takes approximately 2 business days for free pick up of your vehicle. A towing service (on behalf of HADI, parent organization of IslamiCity) will call you to schedule a mutually convenient time for pick up. If you are in rush please fill the online form and mention "rush" in the comment box, then call 1-800-237-5714 (mention the charity organization is HADI, Human Assistance and Development International), we can expedite the process, and pick the car within 24 hours (next day) including weekend.

  5. When filling out the title, the donor must sign and print your name where it states "seller" exactly as it appears on the title. Please leave the buyer's section blank. Also the donor needs to mail the release of liability to the DMV to release ownership of that vehicle. On this "release liability" paper, write "HADI (IslamiCity)"  in the space marked 'buyer' or 'purchaser'. Again keep the buyer section blank on paper that given to the towing car driver

  6. The tow truck driver will pick up your vehicle as well as the title. The title needs to be picked up with the car. Most towing companies won't pick up a car without a title. When the tow company picks up the car, you will receive the donation receipt on the spot.

  7. Your donation voucher/receipt will be mailed to you within 2 to 4 working days after receiving the car by our donation processing company.

It is really that simple!!!

Islamic Outreach Services, A HADI Project, P. O. Box 4598, Culver City, CA 90231, U.S.A.
Tax ID# 95-4348674. All donations are tax-deductible.