Charms and the black magic

Q90 :Would you please let me know what view Islam takes of wearing charms? Many people believe in the bad effects of black magic and feel that a charm will enable them to get rid of its effects. How correct is that?

A90 : Black magic exists and it is mentioned in the Qur'an. But it is also mentioned that magicians can only make things seem to happen. There is no real substance to their work. In the encounter related in Qur'an between Moses and the magicians whom Pharaoh recruited to try to defeat Moses, those magicians were able to show that their staffs and ropes were turned into snakes. Allah states in the Qur'an, however: They were made to seem to him by the power of magic as if they were moving. The way this statement is phrased is a clear indication of the fact that a magician can only play on the imagination of people. There is no real substance to his work. When Moses threw his staff, Allah turned it into a real snake which swallowed their ropes and staffs. When they realized that the snake was real, they prostrated themselves, declaring that they believed in Allah who had given Moses that power. People are affected by what they imagine. It is quite possible for a person to think that he is ill and he will soon become ill. Hence, believing in magic can lead to certain real effects. To practice black magic is categorically forbidden. Indeed, it is tantamount to rejecting Islam altogether. To try to learn black magic is also forbidden. To wear a charm in order to protect oneself against black magic is not allowed in Islam. The Prophet prays that no one who wears a charm may enjoy the effect for which he has worn it. We know that the Prophet's prayers are always answered. Hence, if we want to protect ourselves against something, we should not wear a charm, because to wear will bring the opposite effect. This applies to all sorts of charms, be they in the form of natural precious stones or specifically made by certain people. Nothing of this is permissible. If one wants to protect oneself and foil the attempts of anyone who resorts to black magic against him, he should read the Qur'an, particularly the last two Surahs. This is the Prophet's guidance and we should abide by his guidance.

Our Dialogue ( Source : Arab News - Jeddah )