Building an image of excellence

Q80 :People who engage in certain competitive professions often try to give an image of excellence about themselves and their work. They feel that it is necessary for their business. What does Islam say to that?

A80 : The first thing to remember in this connection is that Islam does not approve of telling lies for any reason except in a very small number of well-known cases. On the other hand, Islam stresses the importance of honesty in all dealings. Therefore, whether a person works in trade or practices a particular profession, he must keep within these two main guidelines: Maintain honesty and refrain from lying. If one observes these two principles, then one may advertise his work or profession, if he deems it important for his success. A practicing lawyer may, for example, offer his services to the pubic stating that he is a professor of law in a particular university. If he actually occupies such a post then there is no harm in stating the fact to the public. If, on the other hand, he states that he wins nine out of every ten cases he undertakes, he must be very careful, because if his rate of success is only eight out of ten, then he is guilty of falsehood. Many professions have developed codes of ethics which they require every new member of the profession to abide by. Islam has a general code of ethics which it requires all Muslims to observe. Therefore, if a Muslim professional abides by the Islamic code of ethics in addition to that of his profession, he will be all right.

Our Dialogue ( Source : Arab News - Jeddah )