Zakah: Payment to one's son

Q735 :A father, who spent a lot of money on the education of his son, stopped his support after realizing that the son was not serious about his studies. Indeed, the son was practically stopped from pursuing his studies. However, he is married and has no means to support himself or his wife. Is it permissible for his father to pay Zakah to his son?

A735 : No, it is not permissible to pay one's zakah to one's son or one's father. That is due to the fact that a Muslim is required to support his father or his son if the latter is poor. If he were to pay him his zakah, he would be paying it to himself, as it would reduce his own liability. In this particular case, it is perhaps right that the father should stop supporting his son who has not responded properly to his father's kindness and support by trying to obtain a university degree. Perhaps the son always has had it easy, having always received what he needs from his father. The father's action may cause him to come to his senses and begin to look for a job in order to support himself and his wife. If the father wants to achieve this result, he would not be looking for other means to support his son. He has to let him face the situation squarely.

Our Dialogue ( Source : Arab News - Jeddah )