Zakah: Payment to household of the Prophet

Q734 :May I ask whether Zakah may be paid to those who belong to the household of the Prophet?

A734 : Not giving zakah to people who belong to the Prophet's household, this is correct according to a large number of scholars. However, it must be pointed out that Prophet's household does not have zakah because they have a share of the spoils of war and what the Muslim state may gain. One fifth of that is given to them as well as to orphans, the needy and stranded wayfarers. We note, however, that this is hardly available these days. According to many scholars, this should be offset by giving the poor among them a share of zakah. This view is further strengthened by the fact that many scholars suggest that members of the Prophet's household were not given any zakah during the lifetime of the Prophet. After he had passed away, that prohibition no longer applied. This is indeed a valid view because it suggests that Allah wanted to spare the Prophet and his household any criticism from any quarter which might have accused the Prophet of nepotism. After he has passed away, this no longer applies.

Our Dialogue ( Source : Arab News - Jeddah )