Women: Undoing their hair when taking bath

Q708 :You have mentioned that a woman need not undo her hair when she takes a bath for purification. How does she do it then?

A708 : If a woman wears her hair long and she has plaits, it is going to take her quite a long time to undo her hair, wash it, dry it and redo it. Therefore, she is given the concession of taking a bath to remove ceremonial impurity without having to undo her hair. Lady Aisha has made this quite clear in an authentic Hadith. What a woman should do in this case is to take three handfuls of water and to rub with them her head making sure of wetting the root area of her hair. She then washes the rest of her body and that is all she needs to do for her purification. Inevitably, part of her hair will remain dry. This is the purpose of the concession given in this case.

Our Dialogue ( Source : Arab News - Jeddah )