Women: Travel by taxi

Q706 :Is it acceptable for a woman to take a taxi or limousine or to be driven by the family driver when she is alone or with her young children? If not, how can women arrange their transport if they must go out to attend to an important duty during the working hours of their husbands?

A706 : What Islam censures is that a woman be alone with a man in a situation which may lead to something forbidden. That happens when they are behind closed doors. This does not apply to traveling by car or taxi. Therefore, she and her husband must make sure that she is safe when she uses a taxi. What we have to understand is that there are circumstances when a woman needs to go from one place to another when she cannot be driven by her husband in their family car. Consider, for example, the case of a nurse in hospital whose working hours clash with those of her husband. How is she to arrange her transport if the hospital does not provide with that facility? The practical thing is to make arrangements with a limousine company which employs trustworthy drivers. If she makes such arrangements, she is not at fault. Once she is certain of her safety and that she will not be exposed to any harassment, she may have such an arrangement, or she may employ a regular driver.

Our Dialogue ( Source : Arab News - Jeddah )