Women: Hair styles

Q682 :Is it true that only married women may wear their hair short, if they so choose? Young girls, it is said, do not have this option. Their parents may not allow them to cut their hair.

A682 : The whole notion of having one rule for married women with regard to how long they should wear their hair and another for unmarried women is absurd. Why should it be so? It is only traditional values in a particularly society which make long hair more desirable for women. In another society, the reverse may be true. But this is not how things are determined in Islam. Islam sets rules to be implemented everywhere. There is nothing to stop a woman from wearing her hair short, if she so desires. The same applies to young girls. The only thing that we must be careful about is that when women cut their hair, they should not appear before 'men' strangers. Indeed, this applies to all women regardless of how long they wear their hair.

Our Dialogue ( Source : Arab News - Jeddah )