Birthday of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him): Celebration of

Q68 :In many Muslim countries, the Prophet's birthday is celebrated with functions which include chanting slogans and poems. Since some scholars participate in these functions, it is assumed that they are appropriate. Please comment.

A68 : Neither the Prophet nor any of his companions celebrated or marked his birthday in any way or manner. Hence, we cannot attribute any particular significance to such an occasion. What we have to remember is that our religion, as conveyed to us by the Prophet, is complete. Nothing can be added to it. Allah Himself says in the Qur'an that He has completed and perfected our religion for us. If something has been perfected by Allah, it cannot be made "more perfect" by man through any additions or amendment. The question is simple and straightforward. If the Prophet and his companions considered celebrating the Prophet's birthday to be part of our worship, then why did they not do it? They cannot be accused of any omission, since the Prophet conveyed Allah's message complete to us. His companions were keen to fulfill every obligation and recommendation he pointed out to them. Since none of them celebrated the Prophet's birthday, it follows then that it has no particular significance. Those scholars who take part in such activities either do this in order to keep traditional practices, or they are not scholars at all. If they know that such celebrations are not part of Islamic worship, then they should try to enlighten people, not simply do what the people like them to do. Otherwise, they would not have fulfilled their trust. If their knowledge is incomplete, we should seek guidance from learned scholars.

Our Dialogue ( Source : Arab News - Jeddah )