White gold

Q668 :Is it forbidden for a Muslim man to carry anything made of gold or of silk? The other day I was told that silver too is forbidden, but the so-called "white gold" is allowed. I tried to refute both points without success. It seems that some people do not realize that "white gold" is just as much gold as the "yellow" variety. The hard metal in yellow gold is copper, while in white gold it can be nickel or palladium or platinum. In other words, white gold can be considerably more expensive than yellow gold of the same carat. Please comment.

A668 : I agree with you entirely about white and yellow gold. They are both the same with regard to what is permissible and what is forbidden. It is not he color which matters, but the substance. Since it is gold, then it is forbidden for men to wear. But wearing is the key point. As far as jewelry is concerned, a man is forbidden to wear what is made of gold or any jewelry in which gold constitutes a considerable portion. As for silk, wearing garments made of silk is forbidden, but it is not forbidden to carry either article or to buy it, since they are permissible for women. If you are going home on vacation and you want to buy an article of jewelry for your wife or you mother or sister, then it is perfectly legitimate to do so and to carry it home with you. As for jewelry for men, it is permissible for a Muslim man to wear a silver ring or to have his sword, or gun or helmet or belt of similar articles adorned with silver. But other articles are not permissible to adorn, even with silver. As for gold, nothing is permissible unless required by necessity, such as tooth fillings. Perhaps the person who told you that silver articles are also forbidden for men has confused jewelry with other articles. It may be useful to point out here that it is forbidden for men and women alike to eat or drink in plates or glasses or cups made of gold or silver. The Prophet says: "Do not drink in utensils made of gold or silver and do not eat in plates made of either. Such articles are for them in this life and for you in the life to come" (related by Al-Bukhari). What the Prophet means is that such articles may be used by non-believers in this life, but in the life to come it is only the believers who will enjoy using them, as the non-believers will be suffering in hell. The Prophet is also quoted as saying: "A person who drinks in a cup made of silver drags the fire of hell into his tummy" (Related by Al-Bukhari). It is also forbidden to have cups, plates or other utensils made of silver or gold or to order them to be made. Again this is applicable to both men and women. The reason for this prohibition is that it is evidence of squandering one's money and showing off.

Our Dialogue ( Source : Arab News - Jeddah )