When does a day start - according to Islamic traditions?

Q667 :When does a day start - according to Islamic traditions?

A667 : A day starts at the time when Fajr, or dawn prayer falls due. That takes place, roughly speaking, at about one and a half hour before sunrise. The common practice of considering that a day begins at 12 mid-night is simply an agreed convention. People may have agreed to start a day at sunrise or at 7 o'clock in the morning or at any particular time. From the Islamic point of view, it starts with the first act of worship in a 24-hour cycle, and marked by a new chance to earn reward from Allah for good actions which may be done during the day. We have a hadith in which the Prophet is quoted to have said : " With every break of dawn, a voice cries out : son of Adam, I am a new creation to witness your actions. Do make the best of me because I shall never return until the day of judgement. "

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