Video of a wedding

Q662 :In my part of the world, Muslim scholars object to the taking of photographs and videos of weddings, saying that it is un-Islamic to do so. What is the Islamic view on this?

A662 : Taking photographs and filming videos are not objectionable in themselves. Some scholars say that photography is strictly forbidden, but they have no real evidence to support their view. Unfortunately, they rely on Hadiths in which the term we use nowadays for photography is mentioned. However, that term used to refer to something else at the time of the Prophet, because photography had not yet been invented. If we compare the use of that term in the Qur'an and Hadith at that time, we are bound to conclude that it refers to the creation of a shape which is akin to Allah's creation. So it is more accurate to say that it refers to the making of statues, sculpture and similar art. As for photography, which is similar to the image one sees in the mirror, it cannot be included in the prohibition. The same argument applies to video filming. However, if one uses a camera, whether to take pictures or videos, the use of what he obtains can vary a great deal. Hence, the verdict on his action can vary. Suppose a person uses his camera to take pornographic pictures, then, he is committing a sinful act. In weddings, ladies usually dress up in a very relaxed and eye-catching manner. They wear much adornment. Therefore, they should be keen not to allow men to see them in such clothes even in pictures. Since the use of the video can be objectionable, taking it becomes objectionable as well. Therefore, the use determines the verdict, and we should be very careful indeed. Perhaps scholars in your part of the world are worried about the use of such films and photographs, so they pronounce a "forbidden" ruling. [Due to the lack of comprehension of the proper basis by the masses, for want of good education, they prefer to pronounce the verdict "forbidden".] This is not the right approach because it could lead to the prohibition of something which Allah has made lawful. It is only Allah that can pronounce anything as forbidden. They should explain why they think that an otherwise permissible act can be forbidden on the basis of its results. That means that they should say that photography and video filming is permissible, but their use by different people may render such use forbidden in one case and permissible in another.

Our Dialogue ( Source : Arab News - Jeddah )