Umrah: Offered on the 9th, 10th or 11th of Thul-Hajjah

Q651 :The author of a book in Urdu says that Umrah cannot be offered on the 9th, 10th or 11th of Thul-Hajjah, even if one has performed the pilgrimage. Please comment.

A651 : If the author means that a person who is offering the pilgrimage cannot do the Umrah on these days, he is correct. Many pilgrims take the opportunity of being in Makkah in order to do Umrah after pilgrimage. This particularly applies to those who opt for the ifraad method of pilgrimage. These pilgrims should wait until the 14th of Thul-Hajjah when they should go out to Al-Taneem or any point at the boundaries of the Haram area where they enter into the state of consecration (or ihraam), making their intention to do the Umrah and come back to Makkah to fulfill its duties. However, a person who is not doing the pilgrimage may offer the Umrah at any time, even on the day of Arafat, or on the day of sacrifice. Take, for example, the case of a person traveling from Europe or Africa to Pakistan, India or any Eastern destination. He makes a stopover at Jeddah for one day or a few hours, during which he wishes to do the Umrah. There is nothing to prevent him from doing so, if he has the necessary permission (i.e. the appropriate visa). If such a person arrives in Jeddah on the day of Arafat, he may go ahead and do the Umrah. There is nothing to prevent him from doing so.

Our Dialogue ( Source : Arab News - Jeddah )