Umrah: Consecutive Umrahs

Q648 :Can one person perform a second Umrah immediately after he has finished the first one?

A648 : There is nothing to stop a person from offering another Umrah after he has finished one. However, when he finishes the Umrah, he has to release himself from ihraam. For second one, he has to go to the nearest point of the "hill" area, i.e. outside the Haram area, to put on his ihraam. and declare his intent there. He cannot do that in Makkah itself. Maybe it is convenient for him to put on his ihraam. garments in Makkah, but he does not make the declaration of intent until he has gone out, at least to the nearest place outside the Haram area. The place most people prefer, is called Al-Taniem. I think I have to explain that in normal cases, one Umrah a year is sufficient for any person. If one is visiting Makkah, whether he is coming from a far away place or from Jeddah, or Dhahran or even nearer, he needs to do only one Umrah. If he is staying in Makkah for several days, he can do the tawaf as frequently as he can. But you realize, that tawaf is considered in the same light as prayer. The only different is that it is permissible to talk during tawaf while ordinary talk in prayer invalidates it. You can do one tawaf after another, without any restrictions. Sa'ie , the other main feature of Umrah, is not something we are encouraged to do voluntarily. We do only one sa'ie for Umrah and one for pilgrimage and we are not encouraged to repeat that sa'ie. Therefore, when we do the tawaf voluntarily, we are doing the part of Umrah which can be offered in voluntary worship.

Our Dialogue ( Source : Arab News - Jeddah )