Terrorism & the Western media campaign

Q641 :A study of world history would show that Islam and terrorism are extreme opposites. Then why all this tirade against Islam in Western media? I will be grateful for your comments.

A641 : You are absolutely right. There is no meeting point between Islam and terrorism as practiced by terrorist groups in different parts of the world. Terrorism involves the indiscriminate use of force to achieve certain objectives. In Islam, the use of force is allowed only in special situations, particularly when the Muslim community is threatened by hostile forces. Then again, the use of force in a campaign of jihad is determined by the leader of the Muslim community in a very orderly way. The enemy will be well identified, and the use of force is only a last resort. However, what is happening in some parts of the Muslim world today involving same groups which are often described as "fundamentalists", is not always accurately reported or portrayed. Now let us be clear about principles. Islam does not allow the use of force against peaceful civilians. Moreover, using military tactics against an established government and causing in the process the loss of life among civilians is a very serious matter. There will be some people who will try to justify it on the basis of Islamic principles. What we have learned from trusted authorities on Islam is that such use of force is not acceptable at all. We must remember that God did not allow the Prophet and his companions to use force against the non-believers in Makkah, despite the fact that the believers were subjected to a campaign of persecution that caused the death of several people and subjected many to enormous torture. Moreover, God stopped the Muslims from fighting the non-believers in Makkah at the time of Hudaibiyah stating in the Qur'an that had a fight taken place, the Muslims would have been victorious and the non-believers would have run away. Yet He ordered the Prophet to accept the peace agreement which seemed to be unjust to Muslims. The Prophet declared to his companions that he would accept any conditions which would prevent bloodshed. Therefore, resorting to terrorist campaign in order to change a government is not acceptable although the government may be a bad one and follows un-Islamic policies. However, we must also recognize that there is a sustained effort to associate Islam and the advocacy of implementing Islam with terrorism. This is part of the worldwide campaign to prevent Islamic revival. Therefore, we must not believe any report about Muslims resorting to terrorism tactics, unless we are absolutely certain of what has taken place and why it took place in the way it happened. There is much at fault with news reporters and media coverage of such events.

Our Dialogue ( Source : Arab News - Jeddah )