Supplication: Prolonged

Q628 :Is it advisable to make a prolonged supplication [after completing tashahhud and durood i.e.] just before concluding an obligatory or voluntary prayer?

A628 : The short answer is that a prolonged supplication is not advisable, particularly if it becomes disproportionate to the other parts of the prayer. Some people are in the habit of making their supplications very long, particularly in the qunoot in the Witr prayer, especially in Ramadan. This is certainly not advisable because the Prophet is not known to have ever made such a prolonged supplication in prayers at any time. Indeed, once Lady Aisha, his wife, asked him what she should say in her supplication on the night of power, (i.e. Lailat Al-Qadr) if she were certain of the night. As you realize, supplication on that night is certain to be answered. The Prophet taught her only one short supplication which says: "My Lord, You are much-forgiving, and You love forgiveness, so forgive me." If that is the Prophet's advice for the night of power, then certainly it applies to other occasions. What some people do in supplication during prayer, of making their qunoot or other supplication very long is contrary to the Prophet's guidance, particularly in congregational prayer. Having said that, I would like to point out that when one has finished his tashahhud [and durood], which is the penultimate task in prayer, and just before one finishes his prayer, a short supplication is recommended. One should choose some of the most important supplications the Prophet has taught us, or, preferably, he should choose what he is most in need of whether it relates to matters of this life or the hereafter. But it is far preferable to make such supplications short.

Our Dialogue ( Source : Arab News - Jeddah )