Supplication: In modern toilets

Q627 :When one goes into a bathroom where both toilet and washing facilities are joined together, as is the case in todays houses, is one expected to say the prescribed supplication? How is this to be reconciled with the restriction of carrying anything on which a name of Allah is written or reading any part of the Holy Qur'an in toilets?

A627 : What you mention of the restrictions in a water closet is correct. We are advised against mentioning the name of Allah in the toilet or to take anything in which a Qur'anic verse or the name of Allah is written, unless it is properly enclosed or kept in a protective cover, and there is no chance of it falling down. However, the prayer which one says just before going to toilet is said as he approaches it, not when he goes inside. When he finishes and leaves, he only says the short prayer "I seek your forgiveness" [Added: or Rabbigh-firlee] You note that the name of Allah is not mentioned.[Added: There is no bar against supplication in your hearts, secretly.] As far as the supplications associated with washing every part of one's body during ablution, I should perhaps explain that none of these is authentic. One makes the intention to do the ablution and he starts doing it, without the need to utter a word. Therefore, the problem does not arise.

Our Dialogue ( Source : Arab News - Jeddah )