Suicide: And sacrifice of life

Q620 :Is there any situation which permits suicide?

A620 : Islam views suicide very very seriously, because it is an affront to Allah, the giver of life. A person who commits suicide actually puts himself on the same level as Allah, saying to Him, in effect: "You have given me life and I take it way." This is totally unacceptable. In a Qudsi Hadith, Allah is quoted by His messenger as saying: "My servant has affronted me with regard to his life and I, therefore, forbid him entry into heaven." In some Muslim societies, a common notion is held that a woman should sacrifice her life rather than submit to a rapist. The Islamic ruling is not so. A woman is not required to sacrifice her life for that. If she is forced, either by brute force or by other means, to submit to rape, she is not punished for that. However, it is very difficult to regulate how a woman may behave when faced with such an extreme situation. It is Allah who judges everyone of us on the basis of His knowledge of our intentions and the factors that influence our actions. Perhaps the only situation which may be exempted from this strict prohibition is in a case of war when a group of Muslims are besieged by the enemy and threatened with certain death. If one of them sacrifices his life to give the rest a chance to survive, then it is a case of sacrificing one or two lives in order to save many others.

Our Dialogue ( Source : Arab News - Jeddah )