Souls: Persons who commit suicide or are murdered

Q610 :A friend of mine asserts that the soul of a person who has committed suicide continues to ramble the earth until the original time of his death. Please comment.

A610 : No one dies before his appointed time, no matter how he meets his death. To suggest otherwise, is to say that some causes can overrule Allah's will or negate His knowledge. If a person dies as a result of a crime of murder, or dies in battle, or commits suicide, he dies at the time and place Allah has appointed for him long before his mother was born or the human race came into existence. It is totally unacceptable to imagine that Allah has determined that a person will die, say in the year 1415 but he kills himself tomorrow, when we are still in 1410. If he is to meet his death by suicide, then Allah would have had the fact recorded against his name long before he was born. Therefore, the whole question of his spirit doing one thing or another in between his actual and original times of death is absurd. There is only one time for his death and that is the actual time when he dies. Moreover, Allah has chosen not to enlighten us about the spirit, its nature or destiny. The polytheists in Makkah asked the Prophet about the spirit, and he appealed to Allah to give him knowledge of it, but Allah instructed him to say : "(Knowledge of] the Spirit belongs only to my Lord. You have been given only scanty knowledge." (17;85) When we contemplate this Qur'anic verse, we realize that whatever people may say about the spirit, belongs to the realm of conjecture, unless it is supported by a Qur'anic statement or an authentic Hadith.

Our Dialogue ( Source : Arab News - Jeddah )