Shortening the hair after Umrah

Q599 :Many people do not shave their heads at the conclusion of Umrah. Is this permissible? If one wants to offer more than one Umrah, how could he shave?

A599 : It is sufficient to shorten one's hair, or even to shorten a few hairs in order to fulfill the requirement of Umrah. It is certainly more preferable to shave one's head, since the Prophet prayed three times for those who shaved before including [a prayer] those who shortened their hair. However, if one prefers to keep his hair for any reason, he violates no rule or regulation of Umrah. If you have shaved your hair after completing one Umrah, and then you performed another, you can fulfill the requirement of going over your head with a razor.

Our Dialogue ( Source : Arab News - Jeddah )