Shortening prayers when only weekends spent at home

Q598 :I have recently moved to Makkah where I found a new job. My family which includes my parents, brother and sister still live in Jeddah. I go to see them on weekends and holidays. When I do, I pray normally, but when I am in Makkah I pray the shortened prayers, as I consider myself on travel. Someone advised me that it should be the other way round, and that I should pray the normal length in Makkah and shorten prayer when I go to Jeddah. Please advise which is the correct practice?

A598 : When you have taken up your job, you must have settled in properly, renting a place to live in and buying few things to make your stay comfortable. Suppose in a year's time someone asks you: Where do you live? You are bound to answer that you live in Makkah, although your family lives in Jeddah. You may not even add the last part about the rest of your family. Since you are traveling only on weekends to see your family, then certainly you are a resident of Makkah. Hence, you should pray normally in Makkah and when you leave it, you are on travel. It is not logical that you spend five or six days a week in a place and have employment and accommodation there and you still consider that you are a traveler, simply because your family lives elsewhere. In this situation, there is no doubt that you are a resident of Makkah. This means that you pray normally when you are there, and only when you travel from Makkah, you are a traveler.

Our Dialogue ( Source : Arab News - Jeddah )