School of thought: Followed by the Religious Editor, Arab NEWS

Q588 :Is it permissible for a person to follow any four schools of thought at any particular time?

A588 : It is important to be certain of one's grounds when one conducts his worship or his affairs. He must be sure of his source of information about what Islam requires of him. When you send a question to Arab News, you do not know which schools of thought supports the view which you are given. The religious editor takes it upon himself to give you the most suitable answer in your case, after weighing the evidence supporting each particular view scholars have recorded on the same question. That means that you do not actually follow a particular school of thought all the time. That applies to all of us. We either know which school of thought approves the view we are following or may not know it. The case of following a single school of thought throughout one's life is very rare.[Added: or at least not practical.]

Our Dialogue ( Source : Arab News - Jeddah )