Sa'ie and jogging with a woman companion

Q581 :If one is doing the sa'ie with a woman companion, his wife or mother, what should they do in the area where pilgrims are required to jog? Should the man not jog or should the woman jog in order to stay together.

A581 : Jogging between the two green lights in sa'ie is recommended for men but not for women. Therefore, if you are doing the sa'ie in the company of a woman and you fear that if you leave her to do the jogging and wait for her at the end of the distance, you may lose her because of the over-crowding or if you think that your stopping at the end will cause inconvenience to other people, then it is better to dispense with the jogging and confine yourself to walking normally alongside your woman companion.

Our Dialogue ( Source : Arab News - Jeddah )