Bath with pants on

Q58 :Some people insist on having their pants on when they take a bath for grand ablution. Is this correct?

A58 : When we take a bath as a religious requirement, such as to remove the state of ceremonial impurity or on a Friday, we should make sure of properly washing every part of our bodies. At the same time, when a Muslim takes a bath, he should not allow his private parts and the area close to them to be seen by anyone. If one is taking a bath in the type of bathroom which we have nowadays in our houses, there is no need to keep one's pants on while taking a bath. Indeed, it is better to remove them, in order to make sure that every part of one's body is properly washed. On the other hand, if one is doing his grand ablution by a dip into the sea or a swimming pool, or indeed having a bath outdoors, he must make sure that he is properly screened. Otherwise, he may wear something to prevent himself being seen.

Our Dialogue ( Source : Arab News - Jeddah )