Reward: Hereafter for non-Muslims adhering to Islamic values

Q576 :Some non-Muslims appear to appreciate Islamic values and principles. In practical life, they maintain good behavior and they are kind to others. They refrain from sinful and evil actions. Yet, they are not Muslims. The idea of converting to Islam does not appeal to them because of what it may entail within their social circle. Will such good people earn reward in the hereafter? Or, will their good deeds be of no avail?

A576 : Of course there are good people among the followers of other religions. The Prophet has recognized this. When he was asked about the best people, he answered: "The best among them in pre-Islamic days are the best in Islam, provided they understand it properly." In the first major battle the Muslims fought against the unbelievers, the Prophet named a number of people in the enemy camp and ordered that their lives be spared. Muslim solders were under strict orders not to kill them even if they could, but rather they should take them prisoner. These were people who did not take part in active hostility against Islam. When we know good people among the followers of other religions, we should maintain good relations with them. You speak of some of them accepting the principles of Islam but are unable to become Muslims due to social pressures. This may be so, but we cannot condone such an attitude. Ultimately, accepting Islam is setting one's relationship with Allah on the right footing. That takes priority over all other considerations. You ask what will happen to such people on the Day of Judgment. You have to remember that on that day Allah is the absolute sovereign. He determines what happens to every single one of His creations. It is not our job to decide what will happen to any person, whether he is the best or the worst of people. It is Allah alone who determines that. However, since we know Islam, the word of truth and the message of Allah as given to mankind, through his last messenger, we do not deviate from it. We cannot condone the practice of these people giving too much weight to their social considerations. We say that the relationship with Allah is paramount. How Allah will treat them on the Day of Judgment is His own business, not ours.

Our Dialogue ( Source : Arab News - Jeddah )