Qur'an: Transporting the Qur'an

Q553 :I am leaving on vacation and I want to take a copy of the Qur'an with me. Is it appropriate to put it in my suitcase?

A553 : What we are required to do when we carry copies of the Qur'an with us, whether for a short distance or traveling by air, is to make sure that the Qur'an is not mishandled when it is carried. There is nothing wrong with putting a copy in your suitcase, in between your clothes, but away from your shoes. Maybe it is preferable to put it in your brief case, if you are carrying one. If you are not carrying anything heavy on the plane, you may put in in your carrier bag, if your handbag is too small for it. What is important is to keep it always in a position where it cannot be mishandled.

Our Dialogue ( Source : Arab News - Jeddah )