Qur'an: Reading during monthly period

Q547 :A Muslim lady teacher conducts Qur'anic classes in a mosque in Canada. She insists that it is appropriate to do so when she is in her monthly period. Is this correct?

A547 : The view of the majority of scholars is that a woman in her menstruation and a man in the state of ceremonial impurity may not stay long in a mosque. They may pass through it but they cannot sit there for sometime. Scholars rely on two Hadiths in which the Prophet is quoted as saying: "I do not allow staying in the mosque for a woman in menstruation or for a man in the state of ceremonial impurity." One of these Hadiths is related by Abu Dawood while the other is related by Ibn Majah. The same scholars also forbid reading the Qur'an for people who are in this state. However, Imam Ibn Hazm and others, including Al Bukhari and At-Tabarani, are of the view that it is appropriate for a man in a state of ceremonial impurity and a woman in menstruation to read the Qur'an. None of the Hadiths quoted to prevent it is considered by them as authentic. Similarly, Imam Ibn Hazm states that it is permissible for a woman to enter a mosque and stay in it when she is in her period. He points out the Hadith quoted by others to prevent it and explain in detail why he considers them inauthentic. The lady teacher in Canada might have considered both views and concluded that the need for her classes is so pressing that following Imam Ibn Hazm is appropriate for her. Or she may be a scholar who considered the evidence supporting each view and made her conclusion in favor of Imam Ibn Hazm's view. In both cases, her action is appropriate.

Our Dialogue ( Source : Arab News - Jeddah )