Qul ceremony

Q534 :Apparently there is no authentic statement to suggest that the Prophet held the Qul ceremony on the third, tenth or fortieth day of the death of a person. Is there any harm in holding such a function, particularly since it encourages people to do something highly recommended, i.e. reading the Qur'an.

A534 : On an authentic Hadith, Lady Aisha quotes the Prophet as saying: "He who innovates something in the matter of ours (i.e. our religion) that is not of it will have it rejected." (related by Al-Bukhari and Muslim). You started your question by saying that there is apparently no authentic statement or report to support this ceremony you name as "Qul". Hence, it must not be practiced, particularly since it is of a religious nature. We rely on the Prophet for explaining to us what is part of our faith and what is not. He has conveyed to us Allah's message complete. Therefore, any addition, even though it may have a religious appearance, must be rejected. The point is that if that addition is part of Islam, then why has the Prophet not explained it. Since the Prophet has given us our religion complete, then how can we add to what he has given us? You say that it encourages people to do something good. Yes, but it also has the great disadvantage of inventing something the Prophet has not mentioned. If people will not read the Qur'an normally, then their reading of the Qur'an on these occasions does not give them the habit of reading it. It is indeed of little benefit to them or to others. We should always confine ourselves to what the Prophet has taught us. We accept no addition and no omission.

Our Dialogue ( Source : Arab News - Jeddah )