Prophet's stools, urine and shadow

Q523 :I have read in a book that the stools and urine of the Prophet were not impure. How far is this true?

A523 : Some people tend to ascribe certain things which they consider as virtues to the Prophet, without having any sound basis for them. The point you have raised is one such thing. Recently, I answered a question on whether it is true that the Prophet had no shadow. I said then that it was a false notion and that it neither gave a distinction to the Prophet to have no shadow nor did it detract from his honor and position to have a shadow. To say that Prophet's urine and stools were not impure is just an attempt to say that the Prophet was unlike other human beings or to ascribe to him an air of holiness which he was keen to dispel. Certainly, it is not true at all to suggest that what he discharged as a human being was any different from what is discharged by other people. He certainly washed his clothes from any impurity and he was keen to purify himself every time he went to the toilet. To suggest otherwise, is to deviate from the teachings of the Prophet.

Our Dialogue ( Source : Arab News - Jeddah )