Prophet's intercession on the day of judgment

Q521 :People back home maintain that the Prophet's intercession on their behalf on the day of judgment will land them in heaven. Please comment.

A521 : People should rely only on their own good actions and avoidance of what is forbidden. If their actions are good, then they can hope to receive Allah's grace and be admitted into heaven. Indulging into sinful practices, in the hope that the Prophet will intercede on their behalf is wrong, because that is no guarantee. Besides, if you need the intervention of a highly positioned person to have a particular purpose of yours accomplished, you try to please that person, so that he would use his influence on your behalf. How is it that people allow themselves to act against the Prophet's teachings and seriously offend him, then hope for his intercession on their behalf? Is not that too presumptuous?

Our Dialogue ( Source : Arab News - Jeddah )