Prophet's incision by angels

Q520 :Is it true that the Prophet had four operations conducted by angels to remove all negative things from him and to replace them with elements of justice, humanity and love?

A520 : I do not know about four operations done to the Prophet by angels. There is a very well-known report that at the age of five, the Prophet was met by two men in white robes who placed him on the ground and caused an incision in his chest. They removed his heart and washed it in iced water which they had in a gold pot. They removed a small black piece and said that it was Satan's element. There is another report which suggests that the same thing was done to the Prophet when he was 50. However, this latter report is much less known than the earlier one. I have not heard that there were any more occasions in the life of the Prophet when he was operated on. We cannot say for certain that this report is absolutely authentic although it is invariably reported in the books which relate the events of the Prophet's life. What we do know, however, is that evil is not concentrated in any particular spot within the human body so that the removal of that spot would mean that the person concerned would not entertain any evil. The thoughts of evil are initiated in man's minds just like good thoughts. To make a man pure of evil requires a total change of his character, so that he becomes one of the angels. This is not possible since Allah has not willed it to happen.

Our Dialogue ( Source : Arab News - Jeddah )