Prayers: Women's praying method

Q501 :Could you please let me know what differences there are between the prayers of a man and a woman.

A501 : Muslim men and women are required to offer five obligatory prayers everyday in the same way and with the same requirements. There are a few differences between men and women and how they carry themselves in the Muslim community. For example, a man is required to cover the area of his body between his navel and his knees. While a woman must cover all her body with the exception of her face and the lower part of her hands. A woman is exempt from prayer during her menstruation period and during her postnatal period. In congregational prayer, men form their lines ahead of the lines of women. If a group of women is offering congregational prayer on its own, anyone of them may lead the prayer, but the lady imam stands in the middle of the row, while a man imam stands on his own about a meter ahead of the congregation.

Our Dialogue ( Source : Arab News - Jeddah )