Prayers: Voluntary prayer before Maghrib

Q495 :Is voluntary prayer permitted before Maghrib? How about the prayer known as greeting to the mosque, if we enter a mosque at a Maghrib time?

A495 : To offer a voluntary prayer at the time when the sun is setting is discouraged. But Maghrib does not fall due until the sun has set. Therefore, there is no objection to offering voluntary prayer after Maghrib falls due. Indeed, it is recommended to offer two rak'ahs voluntarily before one offers the obligatory prayer at Maghrib. If you go into a mosque at Maghrib time, you offer these two rak'ahs and combine them with the greeting to the mosque. You are given the reward for four raka'ahs although you offer only two. Some schools of thought do not mention these two raka'ahs as recommended. They are of the type of voluntary prayer which is known as "not moakkadah ". This means that the Prophet used to offer these two rak'ahs before Maghrib only occasionally.

Our Dialogue ( Source : Arab News - Jeddah )