Prayers: Use of a prayer mat

Q494 :Some people pray at any place such as foot path, a courtyard or an open field. Some do not even use a prayer mat or any sheet of cloth or paper, although these places may not be all that clean. How far is this acceptable?

A494 : Enumerating the privileges Allah has granted him over other prophets and messengers, Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) included the following: "The whole earth has been made to me (and to my nation) a place of worship and a source of purification." This is a reference to the fact that a Muslim may pray anywhere provided that the place is free of impurity. It also refers to the fact that purification is achieved through dry ablution. Therefore, it is perfectly permissible to offer prayers in the sort of places you have mentioned, provided that we make sure that there is no impurity where we pray. It is perfectly acceptable that we offer prayers on the pavement, by the side of the road, in a field or a garden or anywhere else. No prayer mat is necessary, except in as far as it is cleaner to use one. From the religious point of view, a prayer mat has no significance.

Our Dialogue ( Source : Arab News - Jeddah )