Prayers: Sitting position during the prayers

Q490 :Is there any regulation about how to stand in congregational prayer? People also sit in different positions during prayer. What is the right one?

A490 : All positions which people use when they sit during prayer are permissible. However, it is recommended in the last sitting of a prayer consisting of three or four rak'ahs to bring ones left leg under the right one and allow one's left hip to be in contact with the ground. When you stand up in congregational prayer you must make sure that the row in which you stand is straight. Each row begins in the middle, right behind the imam, and worshippers should stand on both the right and left sides of the imam. They stand shoulder to shoulder to make their rows straight. It is permissible to drink or pass water when you are standing, although we are recommended to sit down before we drink.

Our Dialogue ( Source : Arab News - Jeddah )