Prayers: Purity of clothes

Q487 :As a doctor, I often have to attend cases of childbirth when it is sometimes very difficult to avoid some drops of the fluid discharged by the patient falling on my clothes. When it is prayer time, can I still offer my prayers wearing the same clothes, since I cannot go home to change?

A487 : I would have thought that a doctor attend childbirth normally wears a hospital gown over own clothes. As such it is on that special gown that such drops fall. Therefore, it is sufficient for you to take the gown off and offer prayers in your ordinary clothes. It may be that occasionally a drop of two may fall on the lower part of your trousers which is not covered by the gown. Since this is unavoidable, then my advice to you is to keep a clean pair of trousers in your office or in your personal locker in the doctors' room. If it is easy at the time of prayer to change trousers, then you would offer your prayers in the clean pair. If that is impractical in your special circumstances in the hospital, then it is hoped that Allah will accept your prayer as valid if you offer your prayers on time in your working clothes, apart from the top gown.

Our Dialogue ( Source : Arab News - Jeddah )