Prayers: Offered especially for one's needs

Q484 :Is there a special prayer or supplication which one may offer for the accomplishment of a purpose which one needs badly.

A484 : If you badly need something to be accomplished, then the advice given by the Prophet in an authentic Hadith that you do a good ablution, washing every organ well and making sure of adding what is recommended in a proper ablution, such as washing your face, arms and feet three times instead of once, etc. You then offer two voluntary raka'hs trying to concentrate well on your prayers. When you have finished, you do your supplication and request Allah to grant you your purpose, whatever it is, as long as it is something permissible. According to the Hadith, Allah is certain to answer your prayers either immediately or at a later time of His choosing. In another Hadith, the Prophet tells us that if Allah chooses to defer answering a particular prayer of ours, He rewards us for it in the life to come. When we will see what He gives us instead, we should wish that He had not answered a single supplication of ours in this present life, but had stored it for us in the hereafter. In the light of the foregoing, I can add a little word of advice. Although the purpose you are keen to have accomplished is perfectly appropriate and understandable, it may be that its postponement or non-accomplishment is better for you and the person concerned. While it is appropriate to continue to request it in your supplication, you must not feel downhearted if it is delayed. Allah is certain to choose for you what He knows to be better for you.

Our Dialogue ( Source : Arab News - Jeddah )