Prayers: Missed by mistake

Q482 :A woman started having a blood discharge and thought it was menses, which was totally unexpected. She stopped offering prayers. Subsequently it was confirmed that the discharge was not from menstruation. Therefore, she took a bath and continued with her normal prayers. What does she do about the prayers she had missed?

A482 : The Prophet has told us very clearly that Allah, out of His grace does not question about what we do as a result of a genuine mistake, out of forgetfulness or by compulsion. This lady has missed prayers through a genuine mistake. She had a discharge which she thought to be of the type which would require her not to pray. She acted on that until she realized she was mistaken. Hence, she is not accountable for missing those prayers. However, those prayers which were obligatory to her, she would have normally offered them. They remained outstanding. She should have offered them immediately after taking her bath. Now that they remain outstanding, she should offer them as soon as possible. She should also pray Allah to forgive her for this delay. Although it is not intended, still we need to ask Allah's forgiveness for any omission or mistake we do. Moreover, we are always in need of Allah's forgiveness. He certainly grants it to anyone who asks for it sincerely and with a genuine resolve to abide by Allah's laws. Nevertheless, human beings are liable to be in error at every juncture. Hence, praying for Allah's forgiveness is strongly recommended at all times.

Our Dialogue ( Source : Arab News - Jeddah )